A New Generation of Cold Water Dispersible and Soluble Ingredients

  • Joint Health/Mobility*
  • Pain Management*
  • Digestive Health*
  • Respiratory Health*

Vegan & Non-Vegan Formulas Available

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  • Boswellia LEO-HB® is a free-flowing, tan powder, mild in taste, instantly Cold Water Dispersible with unrivaled bioavailability.
  • Boswellia is a gummy resin that comes from a small tree (Burseraceae) which grows in arid regions such as India, Middle East and North Africa
  • This resin has been  traditionally used to help support chronic inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis pain and digestive issues, coughs, sores, wound healing and asthma. 

Clean Label Ingredients

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Active Ingredient:
Boswellia serrata

Other Ingredients:
Vegan formula: Fiber and Glycerin
Non-Vegan formula: Hydrolyzed Collagen and Glycerin

Clean Label Carriers:

In conjunction with our proprietary technology, selected carriers (collagen or fiber) are used to facilitate the water dispersion & solubility of Boswellia.

Available carriers: Bovine Collagen type 1, Fish Collagen type 1 or Dextrins (soluble fibers / prebiotic) Vegan approved

Carriers have been chosen based on their proven complementary effect. For example, Collagen type 1 has been clinically proven to help support the health of joints and tendons in several human clinical trials. Similarly, a high fiber diet is correlated with less pain and inflammation in osteoarthritic humans (partially due to BMI reduction).

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Boswellia in Clinical Studies

Boswellia has been linked to various health benefits, including its potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and immunomodulatory effects, making it an effective treatment for inflammatory conditions and pain management, and respiratory care. It has been shown to help reduce symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. It is a natural remedy to support healthy skin by promoting collagen production and reducing inflammation associated with skin disorders.  Several studies have investigated the effects of boswellia on respiratory conditions, particularly asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

LEO-HB® Technology

LEO-HB® is an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art, solid-solid technology that turns poorly soluble, bioactive ingredients with low bioavailability into free-flowing high performance powders, that are instantly Cold Water Dispersible and/or Soluble, with maximum bioavailability.

Contrary to many other technologies, LEO-HB® is a 100% natural, clean label process, only uses food-grade Non-GMO ingredients, NO solvents (No P.E.G, NO Polysorbates,)  NO artificial emulsifiers, NO excipients, and has no negative impact on the digestive tract.

Two different types of actives are available:

  • Boswellia R LEO-HB® : formula based on a native Gum Resin Extract standardized at min 70% total organic acids (OBA) and 20% beta boswellic acid (BBA)
  • Boswellia F LEO-HB® : formula based on a Gum Resin extract standardized at 30% AKKBA + 50% BBA

Dispersibility Assay

LEFT: Boswellia Serrata extract         RIGHT: Boswellia LEO-HB®

Dispersibility Assay Boswellia LEO-HB®

LEO-HB® Clinical Trial Conclusions

  • Mean ABA, BBA & KBBA bioavailability improvement : minimum of 4.5x
  • Inter-individual variation (variation ratio) is reduced by 2.5 – 4 x
  • Boswellia LEO-HB® is more effective, has less interpersonal variability, and requires less active ingredient
  • Boswellia LEO-HB® is the most dispersible, bioavailable, bio-accessible form on the market.
  • Unlike  the insoluble  raw Boswellia, absorption of Boswellia LEO-BH® is unaffected by the type of meal or fasting state
  • Boswellia LEO-HB® has no variability from person to person
  • Clinically validated
  • Patented ingredient
  • Savings of 8% to 20% over traditional Boswellia ingredients

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