Who We Are

Eleonor started in 2007 as an R&D center with a focus on improving the bioavailability and bio-accessibility of poorly soluble natural ingredients for the Supplement and Health & Wellness markets, both human and animal. 

Twofold Objective: First, we offer our own line of proprietary Cold Water Dispersible and Soluble powders. Secondly, we custom develop  high performance ingredients with specific functionalities for brands and ingredient manufacturers to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Innovation: Our R & D programs and technology allow us to offer innovative and unique ingredients that are protected by international patents.

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 Benefits of Eleonor’s LEO-HB® Technology: Active ingredients may elicit a  variety of outcomes (inter-individual variability) based on gender, intestinal flora, the consumption of prescription drugs, and other factors. Furthermore, the same end user (intra-individual variability) may experience a variety of outcomes based on lifestyle changes (alcohol and tobacco consumption, change in physical activity…) or whether the active ingredient is consumed with or outside of a meal.

Our LEO-HB® Technology addresses both inter and intra individual variabilities. Consequently, end users experience better and more consistent outcomes when using products that contain ingredients using LEO-HB® Technology. 

Bioavailability: The measure of how much of a substance is able to pass into circulation and reach the target area to be used by the body.

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Mode of Action (MOA) of the LEO-HB Technology: By increasing the solubility of active ingredients, regardless of pH, our technology allows for a greater bio-accessibility as well as for a greater bioavailability, by improving, amongst other things, both inter and intra individual variabilities.


Bio-accessibility: The capacity of an active ingredient to be released from its support (matrix) and become dispersed and available for absorption in the digestive system.


What We Do​

  • We turn poorly soluble, science-based active ingredients into high performance, instantly Cold Water Dispersible and Soluble powders with high bioavailability and efficacy.


  • We enhance our client’s ingredients with maximum bioavailability, maximum bio-accessibility, and facilitate the use of novel food forms with a Cold Water Dispersible and Soluble powder.


  • We design new condition-targeted ingredient combinations for brands to give them an innovative, patent-protected product line and a competitive edge with pre-clinical and clinical trials.


  • We help companies conserve natural resources by using less raw product with higher functionality: Better for their bottom line, better results for their customers, and better sustainability!

Meet the Team

Fabian Priem

Founder and CEO
- 21 years experience on bioavailability improvement, IP and CRO

- Has owned and sold several ingredients start-ups

Cristina Loira

Chief Science Officer
- 8 years experience in formulation (both Rx and supplements) and IP

- PhD from Nancy, France and Berlin, Germany

Benoit Turpin

Chief Operating Officer
- 25 years experience in ingredients sales and marketing – multi channel

- Specialized in science-based bioactives

Bridget Turpin

Marketing and Communications
15 years experience in marketing, social media advertising, corporate communications.

Where We Are​


Office Phone: (973)459-2617
Email: info@leohb.com


 Office Phone: (973)459-2617
Email: benoit.turpin@leohb.com