Custom Solutions

Custom Ingredients

Not finding the bioactive you are looking for in our current ingredient list? Not a problem!...
We custom design ingredient solutions just for you! We'll make it easy to design your next product with your choice of high performance single or combination bioactives.
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Turn-Key Ingredients

Looking for a unique ingredient with clinical validation, its own IP, and exclusivity?
Partner with LEO-HB® for a full R&D program: - Patent protection - Pre-Clinicals and Clinical Studies - Exclusivity options
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For Ingredient Suppliers

Looking to improve the performance of your current ingredient?
We are problem solvers! If your ingredient falls under BCS Class II or Class IV categories, our lab magicians can help improve the functionality of these ingredients!
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Create Cutting Edge Products For Your Brand

LEO-HB® Cold Water Dispersible Powders

With LEO-HB® Technology it's easy! We'll custom design a cold water dispersible powder just for you, or we can create a unique combination.

  • Instantly Cold Water Dispersible

  • Higher Bioavailability by 3 to 20x+

  • Improved Functional Properties

  • Solvent-Free! No P.E.G. No Polysorbates

  • Clean label, single step, solid-solid dispersion process

  • Suitable for Novel Delivery Forms: drinks, shots, gummies, stick packs, RTDs, powders, bars, chewing gum, and more.

Partner with Eleonor For turn-key ingredients

The Full Package for a Custom Cold Water Dispersible Product with Clinical Validation, It's own IP, and Exclusivity Using LEO-HB® State-of-the-Art Technology

  • High load factor

  • Single or combinations of actives

  • Vegan (or non vegan) options

  • Clean label, single step, solid-solid dispersion process

  • Achieve significantly better functionality and absorption characteristics

  • Preclinical and clinical validation offered

  • Competitive edge with exclusive agreements with Joint IP

Improve Functionality and Performance of your Ingredients

Poorly soluble, low bioavailability ingredients (BCS Class II and IV) may now be turned into highly bioavailable, instantly water-dispersible and/or soluble products, suitable for novel delivery formats.

A New Generation of Cold Water Dispersible and soluble Ingredients

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