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  • A white/beige powder, mild in taste, instantly Cold Water Dispersible with maximized bioavailability
  • Anandamide is a neurotransmitter referred to as the “bliss molecule,” because it stimulates a sense of happiness and mental wellness.

Clean Label Ingredients

Active Ingredient:
N-arachidonoyl ethanolamine

Other Ingredients:
Vegan formula: fiber and glycerin
Non-Vegan formula: hydrolyzed collagen and glycerin

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Unlock your inner zen...

Anandamide in Clinical Studies

Anandamide is a naturally occurring endocannabinoid that shows great promise in initial clinical trials. 

  • One study found that anandamide levels were significantly lower in individuals with anxiety disorders compared to healthy controls.
  •  Another study found that anandamide can help to reduce inflammation and promote the growth of new brain cells.
  • In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, participants who received  an FAAH inhibitor, which produced a 10-fold  increase to their baseline anandamide levels, reported significant reductions in anxiety symptoms compared to those who received a placebo.

 Anandamide can play an important role in regulating mood and anxiety, and increasing its levels in the body may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Anandamide has no known harmful side effects or interactions with other medications, so it is a safe and effective option for those seeking a natural way to promote wellness.

LEO-HB® Technology

  • LEO-HB® is an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art, solid-solid technology that turns poorly soluble, bioactive ingredients with low bioavailability into free-flowing high performance powders, that are instantly Cold Water Dispersible and/or Soluble, with maximum bioavailability.
  • Contrary to many other technologies, LEO-HB® is a 100% natural, clean label process, only uses non-GMO food-grade ingredients, NO solvents (NO P.E.G, NO Polysorbates) and has no negative impact on the digestive tract.
  • Only Food-Grade, Non-GMO, Clean Label ingredients are used for every LEO-HB® ingredient:  natural carrier (vegan or non-vegan), selected bioactive extract, natural glycerin (NO artificial emulsifiers, NO excipients, NO solvents)
  • Final powders:
    • Are instantly Cold Water Dispersible (min. 80%) vs. 0% (unprocessed raw material)
    • With enhanced bioavailability from 3x to 20x+
    • Particle size may be customized

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